Alternative Implementations Of Microsoft .NET Framework 


In this article we are going to talk about the alternative implementations Of Microsoft .NET technologies. It is well known fact that the principal implementation of .NET technologies has been to develop the .NET Framework. Well there are various other implementations Microsoft .NET framework which have s been discussed below.


Some of the Microsoft .NET’s alternative implementations are listed here along with brief info regarding the same. Let us take a look:


  • Implementations Of Microsoft .NET Framework is in the Microsoft's Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure which I actually a shared source implementation of the CLR component of the .NET Framework. But it is important to note that the last version is only able to run on Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and does not have all features which are there in of version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.


  • One of the other alternative implementations Of Microsoft .NET is that it also acts as a platform for devices which are extremely resource constrained.  Microsoft .NET Framework acting as a platform in this case also comprises of a small version of the .NET CLR and it also provides support to the development in C# and in debugging, using Microsoft Visual Studio. It also have a subset of the .NET base class libraries having around seventy classes with four hundred and twenty  methods, a Graphical user Interface framework loosely based on Windows Presentation Foundation, and additional libraries precisely meant for embedded applications.


  • Other example of alternative implementations Of Microsoft .NET is as Mono which is defined as the implementation of the CLI and portions of the .NET Base Class Library (BCL). It offers added features and functionality as it is a dual-licensed object. Mono is being upgraded by Novell, Inc and its functions involve offering support for ASP.NET, ADO.NET. the function of Microsoft Windows is to create Forms libraries for a wide range of architectures such as iPhone, Wii and others operating systems. There are C# and VB.NET compilers also present in the Mono.


  • CrossNet is also an example of Microsoft .NET’s alternative implementations. It can be defined as the implementation of the CLI and parts of the .NET Base Class Library which results in a free software and is used to parse .NET assemblies and also for the generation of standard C++ code, which is compilable with any ANSI C++ compiler on any platform.