About Microsoft .NET Framework


This article intends to present an overview about Microsoft .NET framework, to help you learn detailed Microsoft .NET framework info. Let us take a look at the given information regarding Microsoft .NET framework featured in this review.


Microsoft .NET Framework is also popularly known as .net programming, Microsoft dot net programming or simply as .NET framework. It is actually a framework which is installed on computers which have Microsoft Windows as its operating system. The best thing about Microsoft .NET framework is that it allows programmers or developers of computer software to make use of same skill set for the speedy development of various types of applications for web, devices, services and more.


In other words, Microsoft dot NET framework is kind of computer programming which can be set up on computers in which the operating system is Microsoft Windows. The important Microsoft .NET framework info is that this framework comprises of huge library of coded solutions which are presented to solve some of the general issues related to programming and a virtual machine to supervise the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. An important feature of Microsoft .NET framework is that it supports various programming languages in a manner that allows language interoperability, whereby each language can utilize code written in other languages. It has been the creation of Microsoft, thus it is supposed to be used by maximum of new applications being developed for the Windows platform.


The below presented Microsoft .NET framework information summarizes its main features and functions:


One of the main advantages of using Microsoft .NET framework is that it permits software developers to make use of common skill set to develop various kinds of programming applications to be used across different kinds of devices and platforms.


The next advantage of using Microsoft .NET framework is its use to develop compelling applications at a comparatively quicker rate.


Its ability to integrate with various other kinds of tools and technologies in order to develop the right solution with less work is also one of the mentionable things about Microsoft .NET framework.